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Learning About Culture from Pagoda's Murals


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Kyauktawgyi pagoda is situated between Seemehtun and Htantaw villages in the Taungthaman village tract, near U-Pein Bridge. This pagoda was built by King of Pagan Min (1846-52). There are many murals on the ceiling of the pagoda - pagoda, boat and boating, preparing alms food and serving it, wells, monks, sangha, elephant, siripada, the heavens, deva, heaven and earth, palms, mountains, the feet of Buddha, various trees including bamboo, animals, guardian, the ladies and women wearing acheik. Through these paintings, we glimpse scenes from the everyday life of the people of Myanmar as well as their culture. In the paintings, one also notices the ladies and women wearing the acheik or luntaya acheik .

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