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These photos are the innovative designs of the Kachin traditional lower garment (Hta-main in Myanmar) by creation of the owner and the designer collectively in terms of market demands. The first photo combines five lower garments through folded styles and it shows how to evolve and innovate the designs since ancient times. When the Kachin lower garment was created, the width of the line was only three inches and it was worn in behind the waist (the first one, green colour of the Figure (1)). However, nowadays the line is about six inches (the third one of the Figure (1)). The second photo is two lower garments of the Lawngwaw included in Kachin national and this photo highlights on how to develop the design Figure (2).





2022 January

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Photos are taken by Zin Mar Latt, University of Myitkyina

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Innovative designs of the Kachin traditional lower garment


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