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The family is a social institution. It is beautiful to see a mother and her children together because it reflects the natural love and the affectability that exists between her and her offsprings. In Leiden, the parental concept is very visible in the streets because it is found that the parents and their children are at the edge of a bicycle (the parents and their children: case where all drive together; the case where the mother also pilot alone). Education is one of the priorities of the population of this city of the Netherlands.

In addition, cycling is cultural in this beautiful provincial town of South Holland. It is the main means of travel that is more used by the population despite the existence of mobility amenities. This situation is explained by the presence of a large number of bicycles in the city.

The traffic is even regulated according to this cultural reality, there are signs of meaning forbidden to bicycles.




2019 July 13

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Karim  DIALLO, 2019

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Human Sciences Institute, Bamako, Mali


Family and women: Leiden and Mali


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