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Simi Mariya Thomas, Research Scholar, MIDS, re-imagined an article circulated as pre-workshop reading in context of her work for the session Reading/Writing/Re-writing/Telling/Re-telling using prompts, 20 December 2019.

The temporary aura of Kannagi statue, in Chennai, which was visible during its installation as well as disappearance made me think about the current media culture.

The aura of Rafael deal was taken away by the Article 370. The brainstorming discussions of Kashmir and its lost identity as special category states have flown away with slow down of economic GDP and price hike of onion. And now all those have become old stories with the Citizen Amendment Bill and protests associated with it.

The aura of this issue will get relocated by something else soon. Sometimes these issues might be artificially created to distract common people. Later each of these emerging issues will rest in the museum, like the statue of Kannagi, where it becomes a matter just for few.

Pedagocial tool: Re-imagining a text/article in context of work or way of thinking.







2019 December 20

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Pandian, M. S. S. 2005. “Void and memory: story of a statue on Chennai beachfront”. Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, Vol 6 No. 3, pp. 428-431

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