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The two women are as different as chalk and cheese. And I don't mean in terms of skin colour alone. Their appearance distinctly identifies them from two different regions of India - Northeast and South. They speak different languages and cook and eat food vastly different. But they are one - as women, as mothers as sisters in arms. They are united in their strength in the face of adversity. Migration, resettlement and subsistence bring them together in this space. Each is invisible, marginalised and discriminated against - be it colour, caste or communal identity. They nurse their children and nurture the next generation. They nourish the family with food and care. They take up livelihoods that allow them a say in finances and family decisions. Their concerns and compassion are the same - they face the world with confidence and hope that a day will dawn when their dreams for their children will crucify.


Uma Vangal, Independent film maker & Prof. at L.V. Prasad Film Academy, Chennai,selected a photograph from the exhibited photograhs of Ambedkar Nagar to write her story on Day 2 of the workshop session on Reading/Writing/Re-writing/Telling/Re-telling using prompts.




2019 December 20

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The photograph is part of an exhibition, Ambedkar Nagar, near Kakkan Bridge, Chennai, by Yazhini A. held at Lalit Kala Academy, 6-12 December 2019.


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