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This large cotton boubou, well sewn, shows one of the designs that reflect the Malian crisis. The product comes from Douentza (located in the 5th region of Mali). The elements seen on the boubou illustrate the proliferation of the crisis. Each element is in the form of a hook and the two small dashes from top to bottom to show the continuation of the chain. The arrangement of the design forms a chain of problems.

In view of the crisis that has been hitting Mali since 2012, the dyeing and dyeing products business have been experiencing several difficulties. Access to raw materials as well as the marketing of finished products throughout the country have been affected. The sale of handmade fabrics from Sangha or Douentza (localities in the 5th administrative region of Mali) has become difficult due to insecurity. Thus, to illustrate this situation, actors in the dyeing sector are creating designs on fabrics called "Malian crisis".




2020 January

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Institut des Sciences Humaines du Mali


Cloth as Vehicle of Malian Crisis


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