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One hears in turn two women in their sixties talking in Fulani about the case of covid19 detected the day before 600m from our home, two girls around 8 and 14 years old complaining about the decision of the President of the Republic to reopen schools and a male voice on the telephone, that of a teacher who, after three months' absence, is back to go back to school tomorrow morning. The image announced as a premonition, the color of the day that was beginning: the very controversial opening of schools scheduled for June 2nd would give rise to bitter debates especially in the press and social networks. While the health crisis did not seem to be regressing, part of the national opinion found it incomprehensible that schools would be reopened, even partially. Late at night, the decision to postpone the reopening of classes finally calmed the nerves.




2020 June 01

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Chatting in the Street Under My Window (2)


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