Leiden University College

Leiden University College (LUC) The Hague is a 10-year-old institute in a 445-year-old renowned research university and produces the best-rated bachelor program in the Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS) in the Netherlands. LUC’s mission is to build knowledge for a better world through excellent research-led interdisciplinary teaching on global challenges, aims to foster critical, independent, and creative thinking, and provide knowledge and skills necessary to educate socially responsible and engaged citizens.

This mission fits very well with the HaB vision on meaningful connections between science and society and engaging in reflective educational praxis. LUC is the ideal center of expertise for further developing creative and new pedagogies that are responsive to the ever-changing global circumstances. It employs excellent and international academic staff from the entire breadth of academic disciplines, as well as teachers from 23 institutes in Leiden University Faculties. This interdisciplinary network can help the HaB 2.0 program in making linkages across disciplines, domains, and pedagogies.

Promising opportunities for linkages between LUC and the HaB 2.0 framework are:

(1) Within the existing LAS curriculum: (a) the compulsory Global Citizenship courses aimed at engagement with local actors in a variety of countries; (b) the compulsory Global Competencies course - currently in development - that includes self-reflective exercises in relation to the social environment, including a ‘read the city’ element using the experiential school format.

(2) Within a Master program of Global Challenges and Social Justice (currently in development) with an integrated programmatic link to the HaB pedagogy and network.


Contact persons:

Prof. Judi Mesman (dean of LUC)

Dr. David Ehrhardt (associate professor at LUC)

POINT (4.326058 52.081842)