Hong Kong Baptist University

Hong Kong Baptist University aspires to become a research-led liberal arts University of global significance. We prepare our students for a massively globalized world in which technologies bring rapid and disruptive changes to the economy and ways of life. HKBU students should be able to think creatively, integrate and synthesize ideas, empathize with people of diverse backgrounds, build consensus, and constantly re-consider established positions; and have a strong sense of purpose in life and commitment to the common good. We work towards these aims by emphasizing internationalization of the curriculum and learning experience, nurturing creativity and innovation, and promoting service learning and diversity and inclusion. We conceive the curriculum holistically and offer a wide range of learning opportunities in co- and extra-curricular activities. We develop students’ ability to formulate and implement innovative solutions to address community needs. Through integration of students of different backgrounds, concerted efforts are made by various academic and non-academic units to establish a campus culture that is humanistic and culturally and intellectually stimulating.


Albert Chau

Bio: Dr. Albert Chau is currently Vice-President (Teaching and Learning) of Hong Kong Baptist University. He is responsible for the University’s teaching and learning for nurturing creative, caring and ethical global citizens. He leads the development of curriculum and academic programmes, quality assurance, innovative learning such as service learning and eLearning, student recruitment and placement, and internationalization of teaching and learning. Dr Chau received his BSc in Industrial Engineering and Postgraduate Certificate in Psychology at The University of Hong Kong (HKU), and MSc and PhD in psychology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA. He then taught at the Department of Psychology and was appointed as Associate Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences (2000-2002), Director of General Education (2002-2015), and Dean of Student Affairs (2005-2015) of HKU. He is an elected fellow of the Hong Kong Psychological Society.