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Guwahati Workshop: Storyboard exercise on 'I dare to think, I dare to imagine'

5 April 2018

The third day of the Guwahati Workshop in Cotton University revolved around feminist utopian thinking, imagining interventions to change the current world and storyboarding exercises around daring to imagine or reimagine women and the world.

IMG_3804 In groups or individually, the participants reimagine the representation of women through art.


A mural emerges from the participants' artistic expressions


20180404_120551 Francoise Verges leads the participants through an exercise in dreaming the future.



img_3838-e1522900788550.jpg Over lunch, an impromptu meeting with academics to discuss the development of a new syllabus around feminist methodologies for the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. It was decided to create a google group to carry on the conversation.



img_3862.jpg Finally, at the end of the workshop, the entire team of organisers, volounteers and participants  come together against the backdrop of the mural.