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Guwahati Workshop: Mapping Who We Are

3 April 2018

Before the Guwahati Workshop began, the first thing that needed to be done was the addition of colour and flowers to the drab conference room of the Cotton University campus.

The workshop was designed as a convivial space of interaction and reflection for all participants.

20180402_161810 The workshop volounteers served traditional snacks for tea.


Instead of a conventional opening session with formal introductions, each participant was asked to attach a photo to an index card and write about herself as if she was talking to a friend. The index cards were then mounted on a map showing the North eastern states of India and the Indian Ocean region to the south. In this way, we warmed up to each other and got comfortable with the space of the workshop.

IMG_3687 The Hab methodologies workshop at Assam begins with a mapping exercise!


img_3688.jpg Linking the self-introduction cards with a coloured thread to their home on the map.


IMG_3691 The final map! Guwahati is the centre of a whirl of threads. Nagaland, on the right, is covered with cards.


IMG_3689 One of our participants from Nagaland posing with her card.


IMG_3692 A close up of Nagaland on the map.


IMG_3697 Every participants fills up a card - even the convenors, Francoise Verges and Aarti Kawlra.


IMG_3702 A few brief words and a photograph - that's all!


IMG_3693 If you didn't bring a photo, all you need to do is to improvise!


IMG_3703 Another close up of a card from another one of our other participants, Sayani.


  This is the first of our updates from Assam. For the workshop concept note, please click here.